Alesana Announce New Album ‘Confessions’

You can finally exhale Alesana fans, because the band have announced the expected release date of their new record. The finale to the Annabel Trilogy, Confessions will be out April 21st and is now available for preorder. While you jump around your room in excitement, listen to some songs from the first two installments, The Emptiness and A Place Where The Sun Is Silent.

“The Thespian”

“Lullaby Of The Crucified”

Confessions Track Listing:

1. It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
2. The Acolyte
3. Comedy of Errors
4. The Goddess
5. Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen
6. The Puppeteer
7. Fatal Optimist
8. The Martyr
9. Paradox
10. Through The Eyes of Uriel
11. Catharsis


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