Need-To-Know: Sworn In


Looking for the latest band you have to hear?  Well, search no more!  Today’s Need-To-Know band is Sworn In.  Hailing all the way from the suburbs of Illinois, comes this innovative metalcore band.  Okay, we know what you might be thinking: Metalcore all sounds the same. Well, hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong.  Sworn In is an amped up breath of fresh air.  Their debut full-length XIII (believe it or not, this is pronounced “Death Card,” and not “Thirteen”) combines chugging unclean vocals with their signature “blegh” aesthetic over melodic and diverse rhythmic patterns that fuel everything from a jazzy vibe to a straight up thrash dominance.

Upholding a self-proclaimed “Emotional” genre of music, Sworn In’s track “Snake Eyes” will give you one of the best summaries of their sound.  When that unconventional breakdown comes in towards the end, get ready.  The lines “Snake eyes rolling back into my head/Wishing I was dead/Wishing I was dead” will be stuck in your head all day. Who said metalcore couldn’t be catchy?

While the group typically upholds a sound reminiscent of basement thrash meets a 2002-era My Chemical Romance, Sworn In seems to now be expanding their sound as they introduce clean vocal melodies into their latest single, “I Don’t Really Love You.”  With their sophomore full-length set for release next month, Sworn In is a band you’re definitely going to want to follow.  Check out the video for “Snake Eyes” below and be on the look out for The Lovers/The Devil out on Razor & Tie April 7th!


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