Need-To-Know: To Kill Achilles


Two words: Scottish metalcore.  That’s right, our latest Need-To-Know is based in Dundee, Scotland, so please give a warm welcome to the guys in To Kill Achilles!

Having formed in 2009, To Kill Achilles have been DIYing it pretty hard, and for some unknown reason are still unsigned, though we guarantee that is to change very soon. The boys released two music videos back in 2011 that first started to get them noticed in the metalcore realm and eventually followed up with a 2013 full-length called Existence.  Existence is a high-quality trip from start to finish and led to the creation of the rad track and music video for “Dead Men” that you can watch below.

Constantly killing it in the UK, we’re hoping that these guys can make it to America sometime soon as they dropped their newest track “You Live On In Me” earlier this 2015. So take a look at the music video for “Dead Men” below and if that doesn’t satisfy you, we’ve also hooked you up with an amazing fan video of TKA’s guitarist shredding it in the middle of one of their mosh pits. Enjoy!


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