Music Video of the Week: ’68 “Track 1 R”


Fans of The Chariot have probably heard of vocalist Josh Scogin’s latest project, the highly unconventional duo that is the band ’68.  Scogin, who plays guitar as well as sings for the duo, and drummer Michael McClellan formed ’68 back in 2013, but didn’t get their ten track debut full-length, In Humor and Sadness, out to the public until the summer of 2014. Having toured with bands across the scene from Chiodos to Stick To Your Guns, ’68 represents a side of Scogin that was formerly seen in underground house shows that The Chariot would play but amped up on steroids.  With one of the best live shows out there right now, this experimental, in-your-face, stripped down, raw sound is incredibly conveyed both sonically as well as visually.

Scogin and McClellan feed off of one another more than the audience while performing live. They set their positions up to face one another and literally go all out.  If you want to ever get lost in the music simply take a trip to a ’68 show and forget all of your troubles and worries within the duo’s crazy antics and love of distortion. Perhaps the best way to visually depict a ’68 performance is found in the music video for “Track 1 R,” sometimes also just referred to as “R.”  This highly minimal video creates the true atmosphere of a Scogin-McClellan performance so much so that the pulled back visuals suddenly feel more complex and out of the box.  So sit back, relax, and lose yourself with this amazing band and their first single off of In Humor and Sadness.


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