Video Premiere: Dwell “Nomad”


Here at HXC we are all about that local scene.  While we may also cover big name bands, we understand that absolutely no band would be where it is today if it wasn’t for those beginning basement shows at your friends’ houses with those original fans from your hometown coming out to support you.  When it all comes down to it, if it wasn’t for your roots, humble beginnings and those initial dedicated fans and friends, no band would ever be able to make it out of their garages.

The North Carolina hardcore kids who make up the melodic group Dwell (Blood & Ink Records) are very well aware of this notion.  In fact, their latest video for their track “Nomad” was not only shot in the NC suburbs, but in a real basement, with real fans absolutely losing their minds to the music. Check out the video below to see exactly what going to a Dwell show is like and how the fans respond to these insane riffs right here.


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