Stray From The Path Release Lyric Video for “Badge & A Bullet Part II”


Stray From The Path are back again with a lyric video for “Badge & A Bullet Part II,” a track off their upcoming album Subliminal Criminals. The song is an unadulterated, angry sequel to “Badge & A Bullet,” from the band’s 2013 record, Anonymous. Denouncing police brutality and corruption, Part II screams “Which side are you walking on?” as the video overlays text with scenes of violence at the hands of officers of the law. The lack of justice and accountability for police earns a comparison to “Germany in ‘42,” which may be a little heavy-handed, but the red-tinted footage of law enforcement gang-beating unarmed people argues otherwise. The song claims it’s the boys in blue versus the rest of us, and with vocals overpowering the rhythmic guitars, it’s one of the catchiest hateful songs I’ve heard this year.

by David Marulanda 


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