Record Review: Miss May I – ‘Deathless’


Who at one point or another hasn’t wanted to shout “I hate everyone/I hate everything” at the top of their lungs? Miss May I take care of that deep-seated urge in the fiery opening track of Deathless (“I.H.E.”), and it’s a visceral ride from there until the guitars fade out at the end of the final song.

Without question, Deathless is an adrenaline rush. The instrumentals are as deadly as ever and songs like “Trust My Heart (Never Hope To Die)” and the title track bring the intensity you crave from a heavy record. But that’s to be expected of a band like Miss May I by now. What’s surprisingly well done is the way the band manage to flesh out their rage while managing to remain vulnerable. “Psychotic Romance” ventures into the poetic when Levi Benton screams, “I’m not worthy of such beauty/I’m not worthy of a love like this.” “Empty Promises” confronts disappointment with the words “You always let me down” in an instant that’s more sad than aggressive. These noticeably softer moments add much needed depth to the record, rounding out the full meaning of what it is to carry so much resentment. Simply, you can’t have true rage without admitting pain.

Though some of the songs can blur together, one that sticks out is the closing track, “Born From Nothing.” The introductory guitar riff that runs throughout the song is as catchy as the “To hell I was!” that repeatedly shouts back an answer to the title. Under this rallying cry, Miss May I end the 10-track effort proving that Deathless is ferocious, inspirational, and above all, real.

Four and Half Star Rating


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