Vanna Announce New EP, Cover Marilyn Manson

Vanna ALT

Vanna fans rejoice! New music is here!

The last year has been monumental for the Boston-based hardcore band, Vanna.  After releasing their most acclaimed record to date, VOID, in the summer of 2014, playing house shows across the country, and even being one of the first contemporary hardcore bands to tour the grand cold state of Alaska, Vanna have finally found time to record some new tracks for their fans to enjoy.

But there’s a twist!

On October 2, Pure Noise Records will be releasing Vanna’s latest EP ALT, however, instead of being a collection of new Vanna tracks, fans will be introduced to some old punk and metal classics revamped and redone Boston-style. That’s right, ALT is a collection of songs that inspired Vanna throughout their own musical careers so much so that they decided to cover them as tribute to the musical influences that made them who they are today.  So take a look at ALT‘s first single “The Beautiful People,” originally written and performed by Marilyn Manson and let us know what you think of this video and new take on such an influential song.


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