Record Review: Born Of Osiris – ‘Soul Sphere’

born of osiris

Some bands give the impression that they are trying too hard to be something they’re not with a strained sound suggestive of poor attempts at mimicry. Others try too hard to recreate the things that gave them prior success; their previous hits could have been the result of a one time creative flurry of greatness. Born of Osiris, thankfully, are not trying too hard with their latest full-length, Soul Sphere. Unfortunately, it seems as if they’re not trying much at all.

The album, as a whole, blends together and without paying close attention it’s hard to notice when one song ends and the next begins. The tracks are all melodic and fast, which is what you’d want from a metalcore band that’s more metal than -core. There is an overabundance of synth with many of the songs having an orchestral feel. There’s a lot going on all at once, but it’s as if BOO found something they liked and threw it into the majority of the record. At least the instrumentals are catchy.

That doesn’t mean that all of Soul Sphere is entirely mediocre. There are some standout sections. “Warlords” takes the repetitive sounds of the record and makes them work. It’s one of the few songs on the album that hones in on something less generic with hope for a more innovative future BOO release. “The Other Half of Me,” “Throw Me In The Jungle,” and “Free Fall” among other tracks offer nothing new. An average album is hiding under relentless drumming and excessive guitar effects with glimmers of a good album hidden beneath that. Born of Osiris were once innovative, and that offers hope for something much better than Soul Sphere. Once something new comes along this will be off your playlist if it ever got there in the first place.

by David Marulanda 

Two and Half Star Rating


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