Need-To-Know: Atena

atena album artwork

Norway is stereotypically known for it’s black metal, but here’s a pick the hardcore kids can enjoy: Atena. The five-piece recently released their record Shades Of Black Won’t Bring Her Back through Negative Vibe Records, and although the title may sound like something you put in your myspace bio in 2007, the songs are surprisingly solid and even inventive. Atena offers elements of hardcore, metal, metalcore, and noise metal, providing welcome little surprises at every turn. It’s like if Periphery, Sworn In and For All I Am all met up one day to write an album. From songs like “Divorce,” that offer quickly changing syncopations, to “Molly,” which sneers with the gruff sounding laughter of a child’s taunt (“Na na na na na na”), Atena will keep you hooked.



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