RECORD REVIEW: Hands Like Houses ‘Dissonants’

It’s hard to strike the balance of progressing your band’s sound without going overboard and selling out or otherwise alienating your original fans. Hands Like Houses third full-length record, Dissonants, accomplishes this difficult task with ease.

While some of the heavier elements that can be found on HLH’s earlier releases aren’t as present on Dissonants, they’re not forgotten. Heaviness peers through the mostly proggy/experimental rock sounds in songs like openers “I Am,” “Perspectives” and “Colourblind.” As a whole, this record is definitely more radio-oriented, but in this case it’s not a bad thing. Artistic integrity still rings through the smooth, sing-along nature of songs like “Motion Sickness” and “Degrees Of Separation.”

True, a lot of the song structures are rather similar, but overall the record is so well done that this issue fades into the background. Melodically driven, spacey and yet down-to-earth, Dissonants is a record that entertains and hits home from beginning to end.

Three and Half Star Rating



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