LIVE SHOTS: Bullet For My Valentine, Asking Alexandria, While She Sleeps

The British Invasion Tour, consisting of Bullet For My Valentine and openers Asking Alexandria and While She Sleeps, swept the stage at the Playstation Theater in New York on February 23rd. As soon as the doors opened at 6:00 sharp, fans bolted to the pit and found their spots. These hardcore fans waited outside on that line in the freezing cold for hours to see their favorite bands play and believe me, it ended up being worth it in the end.

Out of all the bands, While She Sleeps was the heaviest. They started off with “Brainwashed,” the title track from their new record, and a personal favorite of mine. The way that Lawrence “Loz” Taylor rampaged all over the stage, putting 100% into the songs made the fans go wild. At one point, Taylor actually started bleeding, and instead of helping himself, he rubbed the blood on his shirt and continued the show. (That’s metal right there!) After a few more songs, While She Sleeps ended their set with their most popular song right now, “Four Walls,” and said their goodbyes.

Asking Alexandria then opened with their first single released with Denis Stoff, “I Won’t Give In” from their upcoming album, The Black, and completely tore it up. The energy on that stage was incredible, and the audience couldn’t get enough of it. Even the ones that came for Bullet For My Valentine still screamed all the lyrics to “Not The American Average.” Denis did a commendable job of taking AA’s old songs and still making them unique to him. As well as their sound, AA had the best visual setup by far, with supremely bright, colorful lighting setups. Their performance in general was just superb and if you haven’t already seen them live yet, you absolutely should.

Headliners Bullet For My Valentine jammed “Ace Of Spades” by Motörhead through the speakers before taking the stage and opening with “V” and immediately following with “No Way Out,” both off their new album Venom. They played songs that were old and new, however, they played no songs from Temper Temper, their fourth release, which was generally seen as a flop by most fans. During the middle of their set, vocalist Matt Tuck introduced the crowd to their temporary touring drummer Jason Bowld of AxeWound (Matt Tuck’s other project), and all the other members of the band left for Bowld to do a captivating drum solo that left everyone speechless. Bullet ended their set with “Hand Of Blood” off of their acclaimed early record The Poison, and came back for their encore with their final two songs, “Tears Don’t Fall” and finally, “Waking The Demon.” (I wish they would have ended with “Tears Don’t Fall,” as more people know that song and it would have ended with more of a bang, but regardless, Bullet For My Valentine were incredible as always.)

To catch the rest of the dates of The British Invasion Tour, you can go to their website. And if you couldn’t catch them this time around, have no fear, because they’ll be touring the US with Asking Alexandria again in the spring.

Review and photos by Sophia Zucker.


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