NEED-TO-KNOW: Natsuki “Hannya” EP

“Natsuki,” according to Wikipedia and other online sources, is a name that means “summer” in Japanese. It can also mean “seasons” or “moon” and other nice things. That’s a really strange name for a metalcore band.

Natsuki, a band from Florida, released their EP, Hannya, in November of last year. It’s short, but, damn, it was fun. Only two songs showcase clean vocals, but they don’t work too well in the first song, “Wither.” If singing is their weakest attribute, then they’re doing pretty damn well so far. The manic, nonstop drums with the alternating melodic and chaotic guitar makes you move. I spilled my coffee listening to this. Thank you.

The title track is my favorite on this release. It’s the second of two with clean vocals, but it’s much less singsongy. It’s more like anguished rhythmic speaking leading into screams of self-loathing. Though I wanted to leave comparisons out of this, the back of my head was yelling Norma Jean as I listened to this song. That’s amazing in my book.

I think the people would say, “Give us more,” if they knew about this EP. We’ll be waiting for a full-length here at HXC Magazine.


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