EP REVIEW: To Live As Wolves – ‘Breakneck Road’

Staten Island’s very own To Live As Wolves know how to deliver both an emotional and gritty performance with their new EP, Breakneck Road. Many different melodic hardcore and metalcore influences seep through the headbanging riffs and engaging melodies throughout the EP and the songs flow in a very organic way. In a genre where many bands attempt to mix all of their favorite styles and churn out music that sounds rather black and white, Breakneck Road is full of depth that is natural and well-crafted.

Their admirable musicianship can be heard in songs like “Open Mind – Closed Casket,” in which a guitar solo plummets us into a hard-hitting beatdown, while “Abandon Hope” gives us harmonies and a solo that carries through an uplifting sing-along that fans are sure to connect with. The final track ,“Stalemate” featuring Davey Muise of Vanna, starts off with a chilling intro and we are taken on an extremely personal expedition into overcoming some of life’s darkest times and learning the art of moving on. If you want to hear what New York hardcore is capable of in a stirring and meaningful package with substance, then Breakneck Road will be worth your while.

by Alexander Chan

Four Star Rating


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