RECORD REVIEW: Periphery – ‘Periphery III: Select Difficulty’

Even in the wake of their massive and impressive double album Juggernaut’s Alpha & Omega, Periphery‘s latest record, Periphery III: Select Difficulty shows the band outperforming themselves.

The prog metal sensation have never hit harder than with this newest release. From the first few seconds of opening track “The Price Is Wrong,” it’s clear that Periphery are ready to get down to business. Heavier than their last few records, Select Difficulty keeps the prog aspects that Periphery has become known for but dials up brutality by several notches. “Motormouth,” “Habitual Line-Stepper” and “Prayer Position” all hit you square in the jaw, while “Marigold,” “Remain Indoors” and “Absolomb” incorporate that winding, orchestral, cinematic quality Periphery has been growing over the years. The closing track, “Lune,” is a bit exhausting, but musically there are no cracks in its foundation. You will not find a song that’s less than three and a half minutes long on this record (the average run time is closer to six minutes) but the length is worth while when the tunes are this spit-in-your-face good.

Four and Half Star Rating


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