INTERVIEW: Matriarchs Talk ‘Scandalous Jointz’ and LA Hardcore

“Everything rebellious is in one way or another contrived. We are just fighting the good fight and trying to keep good art alive.”

The hardcore gentlemen in Matriarchs tell us a little about themselves, their music, and which other Los Angeles hardcore bands need to be heard.

Scandalous Jointzrecorded by Nick Jett of Terror and mastered by Matt Hyde (Hatebreed, Deftones, Lionheart), was released last October via Eulogy Records. When can we expect more from Matriarchs? Also, why “jointz” with a ‘z’?

Adding the ‘Z’ adds another meaning to the phrase its just a bit of an inside joke mixed with reference to 90’s hip hop culture. We are big Redman fans.

Where do you guys draw influence from, either musically or otherwise?

Life experiences, current events, and typical BS within our social, cultural circle. And of course various artists from Hatebreed and Pantera to Dark Funeral and Wu-Tang Clan.

I know hardcore isn’t a happy genre, but what are each of your happy places that help you escape from your problems?

Personally my happy place is hanging out and jamming with these guys, playing live, writing and recording, and being able to just focus on art for a little bit. In all honesty hanging out with my wife and kids is my happy place. They are the only people on earth that I don’t ever seem to get absolutely sick and disappointed with. We all have pretty demanding lives with serious day jobs and kids. This is my happy place for me. I also go to the gym and blaze.

We’re also curious about what guys making some of the hardest music out there do for fun. What are your hobbies?

Ben – Gym, hanging out with friends, shows
Marty – Playing music, doing dabs
Richard – Playing music, hanging with my bros, spending time with the wife and kids
Allan – Spending quiet time with the fam, smoking herb
Alfred – Same as above

If you could force one person to listen to your message and understand it, who would it be?

I would never force anyone to listen to our message or understand it because it goes against our message. As a society, the conditioning to obey has gotten so effective and undetected that people will conform to anything at this point. Everything rebellious is in one way or another contrived. We are just fighting the good fight and trying to keep good art alive.

What’s the most important thing to take away from your music?

Think for yourself and don’t take what you’re told or what you’ve learned at face value and figure things out for yourself. Everyone’s reality is different and we need to focus and get back to figuring that out for ourselves.

Is there a tour in the works?

There is some rumbling but nothing has been finalized yet.

One of HXC Magazine’s goals is to promote the local music scene. Other than you guys, what other bands are killing it in the LA hardcore scene?

Mad respect and love to Countime, Hammerfist, Set Your Anchor, Harsh Reality, End Of Flesh, RawDawg, Activist, Burn Infinite, and Life For A Life (RIP).


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