RECORD REVIEW: Bad Omens – Self-titled

Bad Omens‘ self-titled debut full-length has multiple personalities, but like your favorite on-screen psychopaths, that’s part of its dark charm. Standard but well done metalcore ragers like “Exit Wounds” and “Malice” show Bad Omens acting boisterously tough, while “F E R A L” rides a slower, nü metal rock vibe and soft tunes like “Enough, Enough Now” and “Crawl” are vulnerable and desperate. Maybe this is the mark of a band that hasn’t quite figured out their own identity yet, but in the process of trying to riddle it out they’ve come up with an impressive first record.

With so many genre switches, Bad Omens is surprisingly cohesive. Instead of being jarring, the transitions are more like those of an extremely emotional and frayed thought process, which gives the record a character of its own. As far as heavy tracks go, “Glass Houses” stands apart as the most dynamic, while “Hedonist” and “Broken Youth” are also ones to watch out for. Still, out of all twelve songs, “Enough, Enough Now” is strides ahead of the others. Vocalist Noah Sebastian’s clawing screams are perfectly counterpointed by the delicate piano underneath and the almost whispered chorus. This song builds with the skill level of musicians that sound well past their debut, even providing a guitar solo toward the end. As for the future of Bad Omens, if they keep going this way it’s looking up.

Three and Half Star Rating


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