LIVE SHOTS: Bayside, The Menzingers, Sorority Noise

On August 19th, the same day that Bayside released their seventh studio album, Vacancy, the band stopped by the PlayStation Theater in New York City with support from The Menzingers and Sorority Noise

The venue filled up quickly when openers  Sorority Noise took the stage. The lights dimmed and the whole room filled with screams as they opened the show with “Rory Shield” off their album Forgettable. These guys did an amazing job of getting the crowd hyped up for the rest of the show. While they had a pretty short set, they were able to put on a performance that made me want to check out more of their music, a task which is hard to accomplish.

Punk rock band The Menzingers was the other opening act for the tour, and they brought the energy to a whole new level. Playing fan favorites from “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore” to “Good Things” and one one of their new songs “Lookers,” which was just released a few days prior to the show, the audience was captivated as vocalists and guitarists Greg Barnett and Tom May serenaded them through each song. I love feeling a sense of community when I go to a show, and this band brought everyone together to sing along to their songs and enjoy the music, which put me and everyone else in a tangible good mood for Bayside to hit the stage.

Bayside puts on one hell of a show. You can easily tell that vocalist Anthony Raneri is genuinely happy to perform for his fans; he would not stop smiling throughout the night. He and the rest of the band powered through their set, starting off with “Sick, Sick, Sick” and playing a few songs from Vacancy, including “Enemy Lines” and “I’ve Been Dead All Day”, amongst others. Before ending their main set, they brought up a fan in the crowd so he could propose to his girlfriend. When Bayside returned to the stage to do their three-song encore, Raneri got his acoustic guitar and jumped into the crowd to do “Don’t Call Me Peanut.” It’s crazy to think that after 16 years of making music together, Bayside can still bring their all to every show and make incredible rock music. 

To find out if Bayside is coming to a city near you, you can check out their website here.

Review and photos by Sophia Zucker.


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