TOP 10 “Twilight Zone” Episodes with Famous Last Words

The storytellers in Famous Last Words used their love of the classic sci-fi TV show “The Twilight Zone” to help guide the writing of their latest record, The Incubus.  So naturally, we had to poke their brains about which episodes of the iconic series made the most impact on them.  Check out vocalist JT Tollas’s top 10 picks below!  Do you see a correlation between these and The Incubus?

Do you remember and love “The Twilight Zone” too?  Let us know what your favorite moments are in the comments!

Season 1, Episode 11: “And When The Sky Was Opened”

The storyline for this one is really interesting. It’s very similar to Final Destination, but this obviously came first. The episode is about a crew of astronauts that just returned home from being in space for 36 hours, during 24 of which they disappeared on the radar and lost all contact with earth. Now that the crew is back home, one by one, they all start to feel like they weren’t meant to return to home. Then, each astronaut starts disappearing, not only from the physical world, but from people’s memories as well. The story is an awesome exploration into the idea of destiny always having the upper hand.

Season 1, Episode 14: “Third from The Sun”

This episode is about a nuclear scientist and an engineer who work for the government. They learn that the government is about to drop a new bomb. A bomb that will destroy the entire planet. Luckily, the scientist and engineer have a plan to save his family and friends by escaping on a rocket ship and heading to a planet that is 11 million miles away. They know it is populated by some sort of intelligent lifeforms, but have very little intelligence on the planet. When they approach the planet, they learn that it is a place called “Earth”. I love how they show the possibility of other life out there in the cosmos, and how similar to us the life forms could really be.

Season 1, Episode 16: “The Hitch-Hiker”

After a crash on the highway, a woman traveling from New York to LA sees a hitchhiker. Then, down the road she sees the very same hitch hiker. No matter how far or how fast she goes, this mysterious hitchhiker keeps appearing on the side of the road as she drives by. At first she isn’t as much afraid as she is confused. The hitchhiker gives her an uneasy feeling that she can’t quite figure out. Throughout the episode the hitchhiker continues to mysteriously torment her by endlessly appearing along the side of the road. I love this episode because it really gives you a taste of what the “twilight zone” is. It’s a place between reality and the imagination, and this episode fits right into that category.

Season 1, Episode 23: “A World of Difference”

This episode is one of my favorites because it has a more psychological thriller vibe to it. The main character finds out that his life isn’t really “his life”, but in reality, it’s that of a character who he plays on a television show. It shows what could possibly happen in this situation if it was a world of “mind over matter”. 


Season 1, Episode 25: “People Are Alike All Over” 

After an astronaut and scientist’s ship crashes on their expedition to Mars, the scientist realizes that he is the only survivor of the crash. The scientist ends up going outside of the ship and miraculously, there are people living on mars. The scientist, who is initially afraid of the Martian people, ends up feeling his fear slip away after the Martians show him great hospitality. But in the end it turns out that it was all just a trick to get him into their Martian zoo for the new “human exhibit”. It shows the side of keeping animals in a cage that not everyone thinks about. They really nailed it with the name of this episode too. People are alike all over.

Season 2, Episode 26: “Shadow Play”

This one may be my absolute favorite “Twilight Zone” episode of all time. It’s about a man who is living in a horrible recurring dream. The dream keeps repeating itself over and over and he can’t stop it. I’ve always been fascinated with dreams and the meanings behind different dreams, so this one is definitely at the top of my favorites list.    

Season 3, Episode 8: “It’s A Good Life” 

This episode is a classic. It was one of the episodes they used when they did the Twilight Zone Movie. It shows what can happen to a child if they aren’t properly taken care of and disciplined, but on a whole new level. 

Season 3, Episode 14: “Five Characters In Search Of An Exit”

This is probably my second favorite episode of “The Twilight Zone”. It is an incredible perspective story that sheds light on what people/ objects feel, see, and how they perceive the world. 

Season 1, Episode 28: “A Nice Place to Visit”

“A Nice Place to Visit” is a great episode about a murderous criminal who dies in a shootout with the police. He wakes up in a mysterious house and is greeted by a servant. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? It really proves its lesson about having too much of a good thing. 

Season 5, Episode 22: “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

At the end of the Civil War, Union soldiers are now killing off remaining southern resistance fighters. When they go to hang one of the southern officers, the rope snaps and he makes a miraculous escape. But sometimes things are too good to be true… 



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