Natasha Van Duser (left) and Taylor Markarian (right)
Natasha Van Duser (left) and Taylor Markarian (right)

Taylor Markarian

“Growing up where I did, I first turned to bands in the New York/New Jersey scene like Senses Fail and Taking Back Sunday. Let It Enfold You and Tell All Your Friends were the landmark albums that shaped who I was, who I would become, and virtually every decision I’ve made since then. That statement sounds pretty weighted, but it’s no exaggeration. When it’s just you sitting alone in your room with those records, they instantly become a part of you. So I did precisely as the album titles stated. I let the music take me in and devoted every subsequent breath to it. That was it for me. There was no going back.”

Born in New York City, Taylor grew up across the bridge in the suburb of Tenafly, New Jersey. She spent her first year of college studying at New York University where she met best friend and fellow HXC co-founder Natasha Van Duser courtesy of a Motionless In White hoodie. Taylor transferred to Emerson College, graduating with a B.A. in Writing, Literature, & Publishing and a minor in Music Appreciation. After living in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, Taylor decided to return to her roots in the NY/NJ area to follow her passions and build HXC Magazine with Natasha.

Taylor has written for various publications online and in print, including contributions to Revolver Magazine, Alternative Press and Substream Magazine, and has also worked with the press department of Epitaph Records.

Interests: Tattoos, Horror, deep thought, spontaneous adventures, wizardry, puppies.

Email: taylor@hxcmag.com
IG: @tkmarkarian
Twitter: @tkmarkarian


Natasha Van Duser

“My name is Natasha Van Duser.  I’m 5’2.5″ and will take you in a pit if need be.   Okay, kind of kidding, but I promise I can hold my own at a show.  That’s the best part of music, right? Being able to fall in love with an album, band, or song and then being able to live that album with a bunch of like-minded people.  Because that’s what a live hardcore show is, living your favorite album.  Hardcore and its subgenres aren’t a spectacle like pop performances or a stadium rock show, hardcore shows are a community that NEVER separate the audience from the show.  They feed off of one another.  Without the crowd, the band has no purpose, no energy, nothing to feed off of.  Without the band, the audience could never come together and LIVE their unique lifestyle, one that lets you release all the pent up frustration, anger, loneliness, whatever that you have inside you with like-minded people.  Hardcore is the true underground.  It creates a real community, not just a sound to watch in a Brooklyn club with a PBR in your hand.  FUCK THAT.  Live at shows. That’s why they are there.”

Natasha Van Duser is a diehard music lover and NYU graduate.  She has a Gallatin individualized study Bachelor’s degree from NYU with a concentration in Music Media and Journalism. She’s used her experience to work with bands like Of Mice & Men, FrnkIero andthe Cellebration, Alesana, Follow My Lead and more.  Natasha has written for various publications online and in print including Alternative PressNew Noise Magazine and Infectious Magazine. She also worked as an editor and contributing writer for Freshly Inked and Inked magazines starting at the young age of 19.

While some like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, Natasha likes tattoos, cats and funny socks.

Email: natasha@hxcmag.com
IG: @natashavand
Twitter: @natashavand

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